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We assess your business needs and to integrate strategic change without upsetting the systems you already have in place. Our specialised consultants possess a passion for technology and real business skills coupled with strategic foresight. We provide tactical system analysis, strategy consulting, architecture, disaster recovery planning and testing, alignment to best practice, process engineering, software specification, testing and trustworthy general advice.


Running an IT department is costly; our IT service management will help. Our managed care package is a fixed price option bound by service level agreements in which Ping IT is responsible for the up-time of your key infrastructure.  Our IT service management team proactively maintains your systems to prevent an IT crisis before it occurs. We take the headache out of managing your systems and with us doing what we do best; we can leave you to do what you do best.


 Protecting applications against disasters has never been more important. Hosted and cloud-based disaster recovery models minimise downtime and increase productivity. Navigating the myriad of options and their associated costs and benefits can be daunting.  We can provide assistance in mapping out your requirements, designing, implementing and testing the most intelligent solution for your organisation.

Business Continuity Planning

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT industry, with more companies turning to hosted solutions to help reduce and stabilise hardware costs. Ping IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a complete solution for your business. The IaaS is highly agile and can be scaled up or down to adapt to your business needs. We guarantee rapid response to problems as they arise, ensuring professional and round the clock management of your business-critical systems.


Finding providers who supply a balance between price, response and service is an ongoing challenge. Through Ping IT solid partnerships with leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors, we are able to offer outstanding value without compromising on service or response. We can assist with the research, review and decision making process for any piece of hardware or software from desktops to enterprise core business systems. 


Our Executive IT support department is our VIP service dedicated to assisting C-Level executives and Board members who require tailored technology support when they need it. 
We provide technical support and guidance on emerging tech issues across various industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, finance, and risk management.
We help you do what you do best without the barrier of technology.

IT Support

Advance your business by modernising the way you do business.
Website development, social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation, Cyber Security
Mobile app and custom software development
We've got it covered


When you need to think outside the box, we're there with you to help you strike.
Leverage our extensive experience to drive your competitive edge.
Most of our consulting team members have over 10 years enterprise IT background experience.

Tailored Solutions


We are a dedicated small team of highly skilled individuals, passionate about technology.
 We believe that IT should support and enhance your business success, not constrain it.
With our wide range of best-in-class services, we provide customised solutions that fit your unique IT needs.
Our team members are highly experienced individuals  committed at excelling at their job, so you can focus on doing yours.

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